What is M3U list?

What is M3U list?

The M3U format is the most popular format used in all premium IPTV devices. It is a text file format that has important information about the playlists which includes: the URL of the channel source, the name of the channel and the channel reference number. The reference numbers usually categorize channels according to country for easier access.

Using the M3U File

If you need to stream IPTV channels, the best way to do it is by using a VLC media player. It is a cross- platform media player that is compatible with tons of video and audio content. Moreover, it supports even rare formats such as CON, XSPF, PLS, and M3U8 among many others. The vast majority of IPTV subscription use M3U as their IPTV script of choice. Its popularity comes from its compatibility with many platforms as it can be used on Roku, Smart TV, STB emulators, Smartphones, and Android setup boxes.

Why Your M3U Link is not Working?

If by any chance you find that the M3U link will not work as expected, use the VLC media player to check the link on a PC. If the link is working on the computer, it may indicate that the problem is on your end rather than on the IPTV server. Type in your M3U link and ensure that there are no spaces and that you have not pasted the M3U link on other devices. Using the link on other devices simultaneously will result in your account being blocked. If you still cannot get the link to work on a computer, then it would be best to contact EURIPTV for assistance.

Editing an M3U File and Creating a Favorites List

It is very easy to edit the M3U file as practically any text editor you have on your computer could be used for editing. If you are on PC you can use the notepad to edit the file. What you do is open the downloaded file with notepad and then edit out the channels you do not like from the list. You can then save the newly edited file on your PC that you can then use as the new list for all your future IPTV use.

Why the Channels are not Categorized

If you are using a simple M3U file or URL, your channels will not be categorized. You can have categorization and grouping of your channels by using M3U with options as your IPTV script. Check out an explanation of video formats and IPTV scripts here.

If we have left out anything with regard to the M3U or premium IPTV, leave a comment down below and we will improve the article with an explanation of any issue you may have. Thank you!!

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