Next 2000 HD Minix

Next 2000 HD Minix

You only need to enter the X panel section in the IPTV section of your IPTV xtream account (URL – Port – User Name – User Password).

When you enter this data, your device will be installed if there are several channels belonging to the panel.

Now let me tell you how to get them on your 2000 HD device.

I will give you a sample narration from the fact that your IPTV accounts are exclusive to the person you are saving, so you can log in by editing your own information according to this narration ..

Next 2000 HD We press the IPTV button on our device.

In this section, we select the category by pressing the SAT button from the control and we come to the X Panel Division.

X While in the panel section, press the RED key from the controller to enter the X Panel Setting section.

We are making Server Selection. (10 Different Account Entries are possible.)

If we are going to enter the account for the first time, we say Server1.

We enter the URL information of my account by pressing the OK key at the bottom of the URL. and RED button.

Important Note: The URL is http: // yada www. You must log in without signs.

We enter the port information of our account and save it with RED button.

We write my username and save it with the RED button.

We enter the User Corperation and save it with the RED key.

If we have done the right things, and our INTERNET connection is okay with our account, it will be automatically added to our Channels.

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